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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 5 FAQs:

Questions about orders:

Questions about international orders:

Questions about our catalog:

Questions about our warehouse and store:

Other questions:

Questions about orders

Is it safe to enter my personal information online?

Your security and privacy are of utmost importance to us. When you place an online order with Funagain Games, our secure server software encrypts the information you submit, ensuring that Internet transactions stay private and protected. Your personal information cannot be read as it travels to our ordering system.

We keep your personal information private and secure. When you make a purchase from our web site, you provide your name, email address, credit card information, address and phone number. We use this information only to process your order and to keep you updated on your order. We will never sell, trade or give away your information. Everything you submit remains private and confidential. We will not send you unsolicited email or direct mail.

Can I enter a single-use credit card?

Yes. When entering a new credit card or editing an existing one, you can choose whether or not you'd like for us to remember your card number. If you choose "No", after we are done with your order we will delete your credit card number from our database. Then, the next time you check out, the rest of your credit card information will be in our database and all you'll have to do is re-enter your credit card number (along with your security code, as usual). This option makes it easy to use one-time-use credit cards. The disadvantage of having Funagain forget your credit card number is if you request changes to your order that require us to re-charge (or refund) your credit card and we have already deleted it, your request will be delayed.

If you choose "Yes", we will keep your credit card number in our database (encrypted and secured!), and all you'll have to enter the next time you check out is your security code. This is the easiest way to go, as we'll remember your credit card number for you.

How do I use my Gift Certificate?

During checkout, enter the claim code(s) in the Redeem a Gift Certificate field.

My gift certificate is equal to or more than my order total. I want to place an order, but I don't wish to enter in my credit card information. How do I do this?

You may submit your order as normal and select the "money order" option during checkout. Please note that this payment option is only available when using your Funagain website account to check out.

How do I use my Funagain credit?

If you have customer credit (which requires a free Funagain account), you'll have the opportunity to use that credit when placing an order. You can also check how much customer credit you have on file by viewing your account information on our site.

How do I determine my shipping cost without placing an order?

You'll need to start an order. Go ahead and fill your cart and go to check out. You should see a Shipping Cost Estimator button located at the bottom of the screen. Click this button to receive your shipping cost. Please note that this method does not provide final shipping costs for any expedited domestic order over 15 lbs., or large international orders, as those types of orders must have their shipping costs calculated manually.

Will you hold my order for an out-of-stock item(s)?

If, during checkout, you choose to have your order shipped complete, we will make every effort to do so, providing any pre-ordered items are expected and in our warehouse within the 30 day hold period. Pre-ordered or out-of-stock items not available in the 30 day period will be shipped separately and will be subject to additional shipping charges. We will make every effort to make sure your order ships in as few shipments as possible. If you have specific requests please send us an e-mail with those requests, otherwise your order will be treated in a consistent manner with the policy outlined above. Please note that while we attempt to have the most accurate and up to date information on incoming orders, occasionally events beyond our control will delay the arrival times of some products.

If you're curious as to when a title will arrive check the specific product page as it will generally list the arrival date. If it doesn't, or you'd like more specific information please send us an e-mail via the Contact Us form.

How do I check the status of my order?

The best way is to set up an account on our site and order through it. You will then be able to view your current and past orders in your Order History. The status is automatically updated as we process your order and any tracking information is also available on the same screen.

If you prefer not to set up an account, you can track your order from the front page of our site under the "Track Your Order" heading. You'll need your order number and the the e-mail address you submitted while ordering to get this information.

In either case you should also receive automated e-mails from our system as your order gets processed and shipped.

How does the "Medford Warehouse Pickup" shipping option work?

If you live near our warehouse in Medford, Oregon, you are welcome to use our free "Medford Warehouse Pickup" shipping option when placing your order. Simply choose that option as your shipping method during checkout and we will reserve your order items for you and make them available for an in-person pickup between the hours of 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. We will hold your order for one week.

Our warehouse is located at the following address:

341 Ehrman Circle
Medford, OR 97501

Please make sure to bring your order number with you!

I haven't received my confirmation/tracking e-mail yet. What should I do?

Check your spam filters. Since the e-mails are coming from a business (Funagain or UPS) they are frequently filtered out. Also, make sure you allow e-mail from all addresses. If you ordered late Friday, Saturday, or Sunday you won't receive processing/tracking information until Monday. Holidays and Christmas time may also delay confirmations. Check your Order History and the Track Your Order box. If your order was sent via the USPS there is no tracking information associated with that shipment.

Do you accept phone, fax or mail orders?

We are not currently set up to take orders via phone, fax or mail.

Can I order without submitting my credit card information?

Yes. We also accept payment via PayPal and money order (in US funds only). Please note that these payment options are only available when using your Funagain website account to check out. We no longer accept personal checks.

My card keeps being rejected because of an AVS (address verification) error. What does this mean?

This means that the billing address you are providing during the checkout process does not match with the address your bank has on file for you. Please provide the address that your bank or credit card company sends your billing statements to. If you are not sure of the address you will need to call your bank and find out what address they have on file for you. Funagain uses this function as a security measure to protect our customers from credit card fraud.

My card keeps being rejected because of an AVS (address verification) error but I know the address I have provided is correct. What do I do?

Please call your bank and verify that the address you are providing is correct. If you have recently moved it is possible the bank has not processed your address and you may need to provide your old address. It is also possible that your bank has an incorrect, or flawed address for you.

I called my bank and they said you've charged my card several times for one order. Why did you do this?

When an order is unsuccessful, either because of an AVS or other error, those funds are temporarily authorized but not captured. Authorized means that the funds are pulled aside for use on that particular transaction, but not actually deducted from the account. Captured means that the funds are transferred from your account to ours. This is similar to booking a hotel room, or renting a car using a credit card. When you arrive at your room, or rent your car, the credit card associated with the rental is authorized for an amount of money, but the funds are not actually removed from the account until the car is returned or you check out of the hotel. Funds that have been authorized on an unsuccessful transaction will automatically have their "pending" status removed as that authorization clears. Unfortunately Funagain cannot manually remove that temporary authorization and authorizations clear in the order they were received. Most authorizations clear in 1-5 business days but in some cases can take up to 14 days to clear. Funds that have been authorized on a successful transaction will have their funds captured when the order is processed (looked at by a human) and ready to ship out of our warehouse.

Do I have to enter all of my information each time I order?

No. Just set up an account and you'll only have to enter your information when it changes.

I need to have my order arrive by a certain date. What is the best way to ensure its arrival?

The best way to ensure delivery by a certain date is to order using our expedited shipping service. Please note that the order must be placed BEFORE noon Pacific Time Monday-Friday to ship the same day (for expedited orders). The ship date is NOT included in the 3 or 2 days for delivery. (Example: An order placed on Tuesday at 10am with the "3 day" option would ship that afternoon and arrive on Friday) If you order after noon Pacific Time on Friday or anytime on Saturday and Sunday, the order will not be processed or shipped until Monday.

Ground service delivery times vary depending on your location from our warehouse. All orders ship from our warehouse in Ashland, Oregon. Most orders to Oregon, Washington and Idaho are delivered the next day. Orders to the Southwest, Mountain West, and California usually take 2-3 business days. Orders to the Midwest usually take 4-5 days and orders to the Southeast and East Coast normally take 5-7 business days. Please note that these times are estimates only, and ground service is not guaranteed to arrive by the times outlined above. Holidays, especially Christmas, may delay the delivery date for your order.

Will you hold my order to ship on a certain date?

No. We don't have the space in our warehouse currently to hold complete orders for several days or weeks.

I ordered a backorder/preorder item. How long will it be before I receive my item?

That depends on the item. If it's an easily obtainable item, it can be a few days to a few weeks. If it's a foreign and/or harder to find item, it can take months or even years to locate. If you are curious about a specific title, please use our Contact Us form and select "Customer Service" as the recipient.

What is the exact difference between a residential and commercial address?

In general, a residential location is a location where one or more people live, and a commercial location is a location with only a business purpose. This means that UPS considers a business run out of a home to be a Residential location. For specific examples of what UPS considers to be a commercial vs. a residential location, please visit this page on the UPS site:

I work for a school/government office. Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Funagain Games is happy to accept purchase orders from schools, libraries, government, and corporate institutions. If your institution wishes to pay by this method please follow the outline below, which will ensure that your order is reserved in our inventory:

  1. Add the games you wish to purchase to your cart.
  2. Click the "check out" button at the bottom of your shopping cart page.
  3. Choose to log in to an existing account or register a new account (if you choose to "Check Out Without Logging In", "Purchase Order" will not be listed as a payment option).
  4. When you get to the payment portion of the checkout process, choose "Purchase Order" as your form of payment.
  5. Submit the order.
  6. Fax or mail a copy of the purchase order to:
    Funagain Games
    341 Ehrman Circle
    Medford, OR 97501
Doing this reserves the games in our system and guarantees availability. If you simply mail/fax a purchase order without first placing an order through our online system we cannot guarantee the games will be available by the time we receive your PO.

Our system is limited to ordering at most 99 copies of a single title. Should you require more than 99 copies of a particular game please contact us via e-mail to arrange special handling of the order.

If you have any questions about the ordering process, our catalog, or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Questions about international orders

I am an international customer. How do I get a shipping quote?

For all but the largest international orders we now offer live shipping quotes. This means that when you go through the checkout process you will see your actual shipping quote next to each available shipping option.

If, during checkout, you are told that your shipping will require a separate calculation it is either because your order is large enough to require a custom shipping quote, or possibly an error in your shipping address is preventing us from getting a quote, or possibly our system is experiencing technical difficulties and is unable to provide a quote. In any of these cases, you can go ahead and place your order (after choosing your desired shipping method) and your final shipping cost will be calculated and sent to you for your approval before your order is shipped.

Can you mark my international order as a gift?

No. Unfortunately, since the item is being purchased from us, it is not considered a gift. It is illegal for us to mark an item as anything other than "board games". We don't want to risk our ability to ship internationally.

Are my taxes and customs fees included in my international shipping cost?

No. You will need to check with your local authorities to determine what those charges might be. We have no information on if or how much you'll need to pay.

Questions about our catalog

What does "This item is in stock" mean?

This means that this item is currently in-stock and ready to ship right away. Please note that your order may still be delayed if it contains other items that are not in-stock and you choose to have your order held for out-of-stock items.

What does "This item is temporarily out of stock" mean?

This means that while this item is currently out-of-stock, we expect to have it back in stock within the 30-day window for splitting orders (read more here). You can still add these items to your cart and check out, and we will ship these items as soon as they are back in stock.

What does "This item is currently backordered" mean?

This means that while Funagain Games has this item on order, we are either not sure of it's arrival date or the arrival date is far enough in the future that we do not yet allow customers to add it to their cart. As soon as we have an idea as to the date the item will be available, that information will be displayed on the product page.

What does "This item is out of stock" or "This item is out of stock indefinitely" mean?

This means that while Funagain Games has this item on order, we expect it to arrive after our 30-day window for splitting orders (read more here). You can still place an order for this item and we will ship it to you when it becomes available, but if you purchase this item with other items it is very likely that your order will be split into multiple shipments at additional shipping cost.

What does "This item has been announced" mean?

This item has just been added to our catalog and we are unsure enough of the availability date and/or the price of the product that we do not yet allow you to add it to your cart. As soon as we are sure of the product's availability and price the item will become a preorder.

What does "This item is a preorder" mean?

This item is not yet available, but we are confident enough in its availability date that you can add it to your cart. Please note that many preorders are available to purchase more than 30 days from their availability date, so if you purchase such a preorder along with other items it is very likely that your order will be split into multiple shipments at additional shipping cost.

What does "Funagain Games does not stock this edition of this title" mean?

This usually means that this item is no longer available to Funagain from any of our usual sources and we don't anticipate ever carrying the product again. In many cases we would like to carry the product, but since it is either no longer being manufactured or is otherwise no longer available to us we are unable to do so. Usually the best way to get unavailable games is through a used or other secondary market such as EBay ( or by inquiring on BoardGameGeek (

Sometimes, unavailable products are still readily available through other sources, and in this case the best way to find such products is by searching for them through a search engine such as Google (

Questions about our store

I am going through Ashland. Do you have a storefront?

We sure do. We are located at:

149 E. Main St
Ashland, OR 97520

Store hours are: Sun-Wed 10am-8pm, Thu-Sat 10am-9pm.

Other questions

Can I get a copy of your print catalog?

We do not produce a print catalog. All items we carry are located on our website.

Do you gift wrap?

Yes we do! During checkout you will have the opportunity to select the item(s) you would like to have gift wrapped. Just be sure to select the "show gift options" checkbox on the "Shipping Method and Order Options" screen during checkout.

I placed an order/sent you a question days ago and I haven't heard back. Why not?

Please make sure that your spam filters are not automatically deleting, or moving messages from us to a junk mailbox. If you have used the Contact Us form to submit your question please make sure your e-mail address was spelled correctly. We often receive messages with incorrect e-mail addresses and have no way to reply to those questions.